MASTER Awards Programme

Olney Middle School MASTER Awards Programme 

In order to further improve their learning opportunities at Olney Middle School, we are proud to introduce our Olney Middle School Master Awards Programme.

What is the Master awards? 

  • The children will have the opportunity to become a MASTER of a subject or subjects.
  • They can chose to study at home and at school during their own time.
  • They will take the Master Test when they are ready.
  • By becoming a Master, they will demonstrate to the whole school community how dedicated they are to their studies.

How do the children study?

  • They will study four different areas related to the subject they wish to become a Master in.
  • The information will be provided here on the school website linked to their chosen subject area.
  • The school will provide the children with study skill sessions to support and teach them a range of techniques and strategies to help their studies.
  • When confident in their subject area, they will inform the leader for the subject they are ready to take the test.

How do they pass?

  • The children will sit a test at a time and place convenient to both them and the subject leader. For some subjects, they will need to produce something or show off their skills to the subject leader.
  • If they pass the test, they will be known as a Graduate in the Olney Master Standard for the subject.
  • The award will last for two years.
  • Upon mastering their subject area, they will attend a special Graduation Ceremony.
  • The child will be able to invite two special guests and will receive a certificate to add to a celebration book which will be presented to them at the Graduation Ceremony (we will have to see how we do this at the moment!)
  • Their photograph will also be displayed along the main school corridor.

Which subjects can they become a MASTER in and who is responsible for them?

The subjects we have on offer are:

  • Writing – Miss Henderson
  • Reading – Mrs Allan
  • Maths – Miss Kent
  • Science – Mr Matthews
  • PE – Mr Dean and Mrs Dadswell
  • Computing – Mrs Brogan and Miss Eyre
  • French – Miss Harper and Mrs Davies
  • Geography – Miss Fawcett
  • History – Mrs Bennett and Mrs Sudds
  • Music – Miss Teagle
  • Art – Mrs Lowe
  • DT – Mrs Glover
  • RE – Mrs Colman
  • PSHE – Miss Sheaf

What do the children need to do now?

  • Decide which subject they are most interested in.
  • Have a look at the information below about the subject and decide if they want to learn about it.
  • If they are interested, download it or ask the subject leader by email to provide them with the information.
  • Take the information home and share it with their family.
  • Start learning the information or start the tasks.
  • When they are ready, tell the subject leader by email they are ready to take the test or be assessed. The subject leader will arrange with them when they will take the test/present to them.
  • If they pass, they will need to get ready to celebrate as they will be an Olney Middle School MASTER and will have made history!

Units of Study

Art Banksy Cubism Frida Kahlo Surrealism
Computing 3D printing Famous Computing female The History of animation The First Computer
DT Bridge information Design Process Dyson History of Lego
Geography Alaskan Earthquake Boxing Day Tsunami Icelandic Volcano UK geography
History Battle of Trafalgar Florence Nightingale Marie Curie Battle of Olney Bridge
Maths Fibonacci Sequence Ladies who helped build NASA Pascal’s triangle Probabilty and tessellation
Modern Foreign Languages Asterix the Gaul Famous landmarks French speaking countries Victor Hugo
Music Alicia Keys Edward Elgar Instruments of the Orchestra Reading & Understanding Music
RE Easter Events Hindu Gods and Goddesses & their powers The Golden Temple The Life of Muhammad
Reading Author Study Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry 3-4 recommended reads 5-6 recommended reads
Science Alexander Bell Joseph Lister Penicillin The Telescope
PSHE The Monarchy House of Lords House of Commons British Values
Writing Writing Master Task PE Sport Overview

Watch the video below to learn more about the Master Awards.