Ofsted Checklist

  1. School or college contact details – See the Contact Us page
  2. Admission arrangements  – see the Admissions Page
  3. Ofsted reports – https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/21/143263 
  4. Exam and assessment results – see the School Information page
  5. Performance tables – see the School Information page
  6. Curriculum – see the Curriculum page
  7. Behaviour policy – see the School Policies page
  8. Pupil premium – see the Pupil Premium and Sports Premium page
  9. PE and sport premium for primary schools – see the Pupil Premium and Sports Premium page
  10. Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) – see the SEND Information page
  11. Equality objectives – see the School Policies page
  12. Complaints policy – see the IFtL policies page
  13. Annual reports and accounts – see the IFtL Annual Reports
  14. Trustees’ information and duties – see the IFtL Board of Trustees page
  15. Charging and remissions policies – see the IFtL policies page and our OMS Appendix on the School Policies page
  16. Values and ethos – OMS is a CARING school as detailed in the Headteachers Welcome and Behaviour Policy
  17. Requests for copies – please contact the school office