OMS Mail – OMS Letters and Newsletters

Updated privacy notice for all schools in the IFtL trust

This  site will allow you to sign up for Olney Middle School email letters and newsletters online.

The letters will be available to download from here and you can sign up to any of the 5 lists – one for each yeargroup  and one for whole school information and the newsletter – to receive relevant letters for your child(ren), you will need to sign up for Yeargroup AND Whole School emails . NB Sign-up is a two-stage process, you must activate your subscription in the confirmation email before your subscription will work.

Where a payment amount is mentioned this will have been set for you up on ParentPay 

Please note: Membership of this site implies that you undertake responsibility to manage your memberships of all lists, maintenance of your current email address etc. Olney Middle School will not be responsible for any non-delivery of  email letters however caused.