Whole School Letters

February Half Term Fun and Fab Holiday Club

               Fun& Fab Feb 2018


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Panto Trip Parking Advice

 Panto Parking 17

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Snow update # 3

School will be open tomorrow – Tuesday 12th December 2017 – BUT please bear with us if things change dramatically, when we will update you further.

Please take lots of time for your journey, we would rather you arrived safely. Please stay on the cleared paths and enter by Door 1.

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Planet Ice Arrangements 13/12/17

 Planet Ice arrangements 2017

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Young Voices letter

 Young Voices – xmas letter

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FoOMS Disco 14th December

  Disco tickets Dec17

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Times Table Rockstars Parent Handbook

 Parent Handbook 

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After School Clubs Spring 18

 Afterschool clubs Spring Term 2018 2

 Olney Spring 2018 SSG



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Children in Need reminder

On Friday 17th November the children are going to be celebrating Children in Need.

For a silver coin donation (or the old £1 coins which Children in Need are happy to accept), the children can wear their own clothes that day. They might want to wear something spotty or colourful or...Read More »

Anti Bullying - Odd Sock Day

   Odd sock to school day letter to parents

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School Nurse Clinic

  School Nursing Letter to Parents

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Planet Ice 2017 trip

 Planet Ice 2017 letter

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Fun & Fab - Oct 17

 Oct 17 Fun and Fab

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Parents Evening Booking

We have sent out personalised Parents Evening booking letters with all of the children.

There are Parents Evenings for all children over the next two weeks, with Class Teacher Evenings on the 10th, 11th (5SL only) and 12th – and an SEND/PP Evening on 17th. The SEND/PP Evening is by invitation...Read More »

Maths Mastery Evening - 27th September 2017

 Mastery Evening Letter 11_9_17

 Teaching Mathematics for Mastery at Olney Middle School

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Letters Home 11/09/2017

 Choir letter

 Mastery Evening Letter 11_9_17

 Running club 2017

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Year Group Newsletters Autumn 2017

Newsletter Autumn 2017 Year 3     |       Newsletter Autumn 2017 year 4

Newsletter Autumn 2017 Year 5    |          Newsletter Autumn 2017 Year 6

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Roald Dahl Day 2017

Roald Dahl

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