OMSPay – OMS Payments

Welcome to the OMS PayPal payments system – OMSPay.

All Payments from 1st September 2017 must be made through the ParentPay system and not via OMS Pay

From here you can make payments for OMS items, either using a PayPal account if you have one or a credit card if not. All of the payments are collected on our behalf by PayPal and you can find out how to pay with a credit card here. You don’t have to have a PayPal account yourself. Please ensure you add your child/childrens name(s) and class(es) to your payment details where requested to do so in the PayPal website. We respectfully suggest that you read the full Terms and Conditions before choosing to use this service. Commonly asked questions are on the FAQs page.

NB We will add a small handling charge to transactions made with the OMSPay system to cover our own costs (see our full Terms and Conditions).

The PayPal interface will also ask you to add your child’s name and class to your transaction along with your name and address. This helps us reconcile the payment.
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Please choose the Category of the items you wish to pay for.

Thank you for using OMSPay.

Lunches and Catering |  Trips |  MusicDonations and School Fund (one-off payments, library etc)