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Welcome to our Year 3 blog

The children are using this blog to post up their comments and questions about their learning. They would really appreciate it if you could take some time to read and comment . If you ask a question then the children will try their best to respond back to you

We look forward to sharing our learning with you !

Year 3

It’s back – EggCam 2017 is here ….

70 thoughts on “Year 3 Home page

  1. armanas.sla says:

    i am getting a toy on 19th october which is to day it will be so exciting im going to be so happy!!!

  2. elliot.dod says:

    In the wold war 2 people were very sad because there children were going far away from them because thay were evacuated.

  3. edward.fer says:

    I loved it but the bits that I liked best was the bit where he got lost in the desert because the writer used powerful words. The drama helped me get the feelings of the characters

    • mrskenny says:

      I am glad you found the drama helpful . I thought the story was very good as well . It made me think about how evacuees might feel being seperated from their parents .

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