trip to flag fen

on monday 27th of april  the whole of year 3 went to flag fen wich is a place in peterborough.peaple from the stone age lived there and there were lots of bridges we had to walk on and one was out of order few.flag fen is a nice  place  but i don’t like the bridges that’s  the onley thing i do not like.and a round house was there and fire in it…and a sword tipe thing and we where allowed to touch it and make a wish.we got     there in a bus and it took us about half an hour to get there. my partener  was even       and i read him a story after it i felt sick.i gave him a sticker. he ripped it i did not care. i gave him another sticker. i did not care and finally we arrived . we ate lunch   in a very nice place. there were lots of rabbit holes and if you put your fut in there you will break your ankel. one of my best friends is even and i was even’s partener     i went on a bus not one but to. the other bus went speeding off we could not see the      bus on the way back. when we were back at oms we went home and chilled out.

trip to Flag Fen


On Monday 27th April 2015 we went to flag fen in Peterborough.  First we split up so it would make it ever easier for them.after we   went with a man called Chris and he told us that Stingnetels can make medison.After we went with a lady called linsey and we  did pottery with her.We made pots which was AWESOME!!!!!Then we went back to the starting earer and we hade lunch.After we went to play.Later we went to see a part of a corese way.Sadly we hatied to go but it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                         The end by Mireia




Flag fen

Year 3 went to flag fen peter  burrow.on Monday the 27 of April 2015. Year 3 were split in to three groups we were   learning  about the stone age to the iron age and the Bronze age. Year 3 had lots of fun!we went fore a tore around flag fen. first we went to a newly built round house. in the round house there was a fire lit guess what the walls were made out  of manure and mud  we even herd a story it was even true  that some one had kill a dragon there was  a sword from the story and it was in the round house the sword has a dragon head on it 


Trip to Flag Fen.

Year 3 went to Flag Fen in Peter burrow. On Monday the 27th of April 2015.Year 3 were split in to three groups.We were leaning about the Stone age,Iron age,Bronze age.Year 3 had lots of fun!We went for a tore around Flag Fen.First we went to a newly built round house.In the round house there was a lighted fire.Then toretorest showed us SWORD from the Iron  age it was am amzing.We got to touch it and make a  wish.After that we went in a hut to sort out some weird objects.Most of the groups got them in  the right box.The torest  was very inprest with our group:)

Next  we had lunch. After lunch the groups made pots made of air drie clay. 

When ever group had finished we went back to school:):)

History of FlagFen


AFlag Fen we went on a hour coach drive Flag Fen is in Peterbourough. First we sorted items into different  ages, our group got most items right.Then we learnt information about them. My favourite thing was going into the round house because were told a story and we got to touch a real sword!Then we had lunch luckily because I was starving. After lunch we had a tour ,first we went into the Hudson barn in there there were Iron age boats from8.2 meters to 2.4 meters.Then we saw ruins of a 5-6 mile long bridge(we only saw 10 metres of it).Then we saw iron age Round houses water systems and droveways. After we saw their toilet paper it was doc leavesNearly finished we did pottery making mine was different to the others.we learnt that their medicine was small willow branches boiled in water then they drank it.Finally we went home .        🙁 


Trip flag fen

on  Monday  27th  of   april 2015   year 3   went to flag fen first we split up into groups.then when we got to flag fen we went in our  groups. first group 2 went to see round house that had broken then we went to see a round house that was not broken as well  .after that we went to see a animal drive round  then we had lunch .after lunch we went back to the house  and went in and herd a story. After that  we went  back to school .a .after that were picked up by are mum and dads


Trip to flag fen

On Monday the 27th of April 2015 year three went on a trip to flag fen.Flag fen is in Peterborough the trip on the bus was about a hour and a Quater.When we got there we started outside.They told us that most of flag fen was under water in the bronze age.Then we did a timeline from dinisaur time to now.After that we looked at plants like stinging nettles.We also looked at breed,he said that the they started with straw but it rained and it came through the roof.But then they found breed they put it on the roof and it rained and it did not go through.After that right at the end we got to touch a real iron sword. I had a great time!!!!!!

Trip to flag fen

Year 3 went on  a school trip to flag fen went on Monday 28th.When we were there first we looked things from stone age bronze age and iron age. .We got the iron age the bronze age and the stone age we sorted them into there boxes.Then we went in to a round house and the person who looked after flag fen she showed us a magic sword and the lady said that if you hold the handle you can have a wish and we all had a wish. But she said that the wish will only come true if you do not tell any one.Then we went for lunch. After lunch we went to see 8 wooden bouts and they kept them and said we need to keep them in a special glue so it doesn;t crumble up.After that we did some poetery and put patterns on our pots then we went back home.

flag fen history 27.4.15

We went on almost a hour coach trip.At flag fen we did a timeline.We started at the dinosaur time to the stone age to the bronze age and the iron age to the time the Romans came to  2015 . We had a tour we made pots we did`nt have tools but we had shells and stuff  like that.So i scratch the shell on the pot then inside  i pock t inside with a pine cone.Then we had lunch.