Trip to Flag Fen.

Year 3 went to Flag Fen in Peter burrow. On Monday the 27th of April 2015.Year 3 were split in to three groups.We were leaning about the Stone age,Iron age,Bronze age.Year 3 had lots of fun!We went for a tore around Flag Fen.First we went to a newly built round house.In the round house there was a lighted fire.Then toretorest showed us SWORD from the Iron  age it was am amzing.We got to touch it and make a  wish.After that we went in a hut to sort out some weird objects.Most of the groups got them in  the right box.The torest  was very inprest with our group:)

Next  we had lunch. After lunch the groups made pots made of air drie clay. 

When ever group had finished we went back to school:):)

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