trip to flag fen

on monday 27th of april  the whole of year 3 went to flag fen wich is a place in peterborough.peaple from the stone age lived there and there were lots of bridges we had to walk on and one was out of order few.flag fen is a nice  place  but i don’t like the bridges that’s  the onley thing i do not like.and a round house was there and fire in it…and a sword tipe thing and we where allowed to touch it and make a wish.we got     there in a bus and it took us about half an hour to get there. my partener  was even       and i read him a story after it i felt sick.i gave him a sticker. he ripped it i did not care. i gave him another sticker. i did not care and finally we arrived . we ate lunch   in a very nice place. there were lots of rabbit holes and if you put your fut in there you will break your ankel. one of my best friends is even and i was even’s partener     i went on a bus not one but to. the other bus went speeding off we could not see the      bus on the way back. when we were back at oms we went home and chilled out.

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