History of FlagFen


AFlag Fen we went on a hour coach drive Flag Fen is in Peterbourough. First we sorted items into different  ages, our group got most items right.Then we learnt information about them. My favourite thing was going into the round house because were told a story and we got to touch a real sword!Then we had lunch luckily because I was starving. After lunch we had a tour ,first we went into the Hudson barn in there there were Iron age boats from8.2 meters to 2.4 meters.Then we saw ruins of a 5-6 mile long bridge(we only saw 10 metres of it).Then we saw iron age Round houses water systems and droveways. After we saw their toilet paper it was doc leavesNearly finished we did pottery making mine was different to the others.we learnt that their medicine was small willow branches boiled in water then they drank it.Finally we went home .        🙁 


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