EggCam 2015

eggcamIt’s back! Visit this page to watch the eggs in our incubator hatch and our chicks emerge and grow up! The page refreshes the image automatically for a while – but you might need to reload the page occasionally – check the timestamp on the snapshot! Did you miss the beginning of the story? See the chicks hatching here …

All the chicks have been rehomed now – 7 chicks have found homes in the local community left on Friday. Thank you for watching with us – we have had so many visitors worldwide, it’s been a privilege. EggCam will return …

More cameras to watch –
eggs hatching at the University of Nebraska (resources for Primary schools)
Nesting Peregrine Falcons at the University of Sheffield
See where our visitors have come from …

Chicks around the school:
4LE have been working on some ‘Chicks’ writing.

135 thoughts on “EggCam 2015

  1. Mr Billingham says:

    Hello Year 3. I remember having the chicks outside my classroom when I used to be in Year 3 in the room which is now the art room. Those children really enjoyed seeing the chicks and finding out all about them and I am sure you will too. For example do you know which part of their beak they use to break out of their shell?

    • Mrs Tate says:

      You only get live video in school Alice – at home it uploads a snapshot every 30 seconds to the blog. If you wait, the picture changes. If it stops changing, just reload the page.

  2. Mrs Colman says:

    Wow! When we left school the 1st chick was making a small hole in its shell, and only an hour later he’s out!! Very exciting!

  3. Mr Billingham says:

    Well the eggs are obviously very happy in Year 3! I don’t think we have ever have two hatch or pip so quickly before. What do you notice about them Year 3? How do you think they will change over the next few days?

  4. mrskenny says:

    How exciting ! WhenI left there was one little chick that had just hatched and now there are two! He was chirping quite a lot

  5. Ana says:

    They are really cute and fluffy! And I am really excited to be holding the chicks, hopefully! They are turning yellow as I watch them! They are really nice.

    Rose: The chicks are cute. The boys are yellow. The girls are browny-yellow.

    • Mr Billingham says:

      Yes Ana holding the chicks is great although if I remember correctly you might have to wait a day or two until they are strong enough. Well worth the wait though as it is great to see them up close.

      Well spotted Rose!

    • Leia says:

      Hi Ana and Rose, thank you for showing us your chicks! We also think they are cute and fluffy. You are very lucky to have them to look after! Love from Leia and Esme xxx

  6. Miss Kent says:

    I was so excited, I went in to look at them as the second one peeked out and hatched. You can’t hear it but they were chirping away at one another.

  7. Mrs Dexter says:

    Wow!!! I am really jealous. I would love to have an incubator in my classroom. Where are the chicks going to live once they have grown up?

  8. Joan McCallum says:

    It is so exciting to be watching the chickens hatch at Year 3 Olney school from my home in Townvsville, Queensland, Australia.
    A wonderful experience…thank you children of Year 3.

  9. Mrs Watkins says:

    Wow! Two already hatched. So exciting to see them before I left school tonight. I wonder if more will hatch during the night.

    • Mr Billingham says:

      Hello Mrs Taylor! My Year 5 class are also very excited. Do you have any similar experiences at your school? What are your class learning about?

  10. Grace Sargeant says:

    Wow five chicks have now hatched. Have enjoyed watching last night and this morning. Cant wait to see them at school

  11. Mr Billingham says:

    It is like Strictly come Pipping on here…seeeevvvvveeeeennnn! Well done Year 3 for giving them such a good home.

  12. Anna says:

    They’re so cute! Will be we able to hold them when they are a big bigger? Can’t wait to see them at school today.

  13. Athena says:

    Wow! So exciting. We have been watching from Melbourne Australia. At my boys kinder they are about to do the same thing. Look after those cute chicks!

  14. Athena says:

    we have been watching your eggs hatch from Melbourne Australia! How eggciting for you all! Love the cute little chicks.

  15. Mr Billingham says:

    The eggs seem to have moved. Where do you think they have moved to? Why do you think they have been moved? What will the chicks need to grow healthily?

    • matthew.wil says:

      The eggs have moved because the chick inside has rolled around and the other chicks have pushed them. The chicks need water and food to grow healthily.

  16. Robin B says:

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia.
    Nice to see the chicks hatching and standing on each other.
    Look after them well, year 3.

  17. Miss Kent's Mum says:

    Good morning year 3. How exciting to have 5 chicks now. I hope I will see one hatch as I ahve missed them all so far.

    • Mr Billingham says:

      Hi Hattie

      I think they do look very cute and it is incredible to see how much they change and grow in these first few days. It makes you realise how wonderful and precious life is! What is your favourite part of having the chicks?

  18. Lesley Kidd says:

    I am so enjoying watching these gorgeous fluffy little chicks. Year 3, remember to thank your teachers and Mrs Tate for letting you have this wonderful experience

  19. DEE (Diana Cosford) has show me this so thought you’d like to add another country to your map. I’m working on ceremonies for the First European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. Terry Hubble

  20. Mr Billingham says:

    Well Year 3 incredibly some of the chicks are nearly a week old now. How have they changed since they first hatched? How do you think they will change over the next week?

  21. Miss Kent's mum says:

    The chicks look very tired after flying all round the world this weekend. They have very tiny wings.

    • Mr Billingham says:

      You are right Josh they were chirping away as I carried them across the playground. It is great that the chicks are going to such good homes and I hope they live long, happy and healthy lives.

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