Times Tables

Hi Year 4

Here is a times table game you can play with arrays. Mr Billingham just had a quick go and got 908 points. See if you can beat him (but beware, he is going to keep practising!)

Click here: TimesTableGame

or type http://www.advanced-ict.info/mathematics/tables.html

Good Luck!

The Year 4 Team




Ancient Egyptians – The River Nile

As part of our learning about Ancient Egypt this term, we’ll be discovering facts about the River Nile.

Below are some helpful links that we can use in our River Nile lesson, but they might also be useful to you at home, perhaps for your learning log homework.

Science kids – River Nile Facts

The Egyptians Website

Primary Homework Help – River Nile

History for kids – River Nile facts

Primary Facts – The River Nile

Mummies2pyramids – River Nile Facts

Happy fact-finding!