Amazing Asian Animals In the rainforest

This is a blog about all the amazing animals in the Asian rainforests and how they live in the rainforest! 

Did you know that flamingos get their colour from pigments? I like flamingos because they are quite majestic and gentle. WATCH OUT, scorpions are one of the most dangerous bugs in the rain forest so DONT get stung! Rain forests cover quite a lot of land especially the Amazon. Careful in the rain forest there is a big dangerous spider called a tarantula , did you know that tarantulas have their bone on the outside? Tarantulas are poisonous so don’t get too close. I like red pandas because they are like pandas but 200 times cuter and they are red that is where they got their name from. Do you know that red pandas eat bamboo? Did you know there is a type of monkey called squirrel monkeys, they are considered the most clever monkey due to having a LARGE brain compared to their tiny body.

And that is my animal blog post!

My Ganges river Adventure

Wow yesterday was one of the most exiting days of my life I went to the Ganges river . Did you know it is 2704 km long and 33 m deep .At the start of my trip I walked along the side of the river. After four  minutes I saw a cute little otter he looked at me for a bit and then he came up to me he looked like he wanted food so I gave him a peice of my bread.Later I came back and I heard a speed boat. Noow hiring that speed boat was one of the best choices I’ve made .While I was on I saw a turtle  it followed me and I even touched it’s shell.Did you now a turtles shell is one of the most hardest substances in the world. When I got back to shore this local came up to me and said “did you know  that the Ganges is the 2nd largest river in the world”. As I left the beach I saw a sine  saying that the Ganges is the resting spot for a god called ganga.Hope you like my story and I will ceep on telling you about my adventures by for now.

The beautiful Ganges river.

I went to the buitifull Ganges the Himalayas the ganges river begins in the himalayas. When i got there, i did some surf boarding and i saw a river dolphin and a shark. the river begins in the himalays, there are more then 100 bodies at the bottom of the river (spooky)., The Ganges basin drains 1,000,000 square. The river flows through north india and ends at the bay of bengal in eastern india.

By Summer

Ganges river!

Yesterday I went  to the Ganges river did you know the Ganges river has a lot of pollution it is one of the most dirty river in the world.first I got my wet soot on and dived in and saw saw a dolphin dolphin are endangered along with other rivers species.I saw a lot of rubbish and got some of it. in the after noon I saw some people  washing they clothes . the end

The Ganges river!

I went to the Ganges river today. Did you now that the Ganges river is  33 m deep? It was fun I met a person  and his name was Bill and I told him the Ganges river is the second biggest river in India and he said I did’t no that and then  he told me a fact and he said it is very  very piloted it looks   piloted a couple mints later we saw a Ganges shark it was ginormous.

By William C.

The Rollercoaster

Hi 4NK,

This is my acrostic poem called “Rollercoaster.”

I hope you like it.

Roar roar, here comes the rapid Roller Coaster

Over the top it goes, rattling, like a rattlesnake

Lazy at first, as it launches its nervous crew

Like a Spaceship, going into space.

Everyone’s excited, ready for the big exhilarating jump.

Riding together, ready to go fast.

Corkscrewing, dipping, curving, peaking, the rollercoaster thunders along its track, everyone whooshing forwards.

One second up, the next second down, who knows where we’re going?

All the fun just keeps on coming.

Scary like a jump scare.

The spinning upside down, oh no, we now have butterflies.

Easing the pain of dizziness.

Rolling down the steep track, time to get off but what a fun ride!

How to stay safe during quarantin


1.  Always  make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. 

2.  Only go outside if you’re walking your dog, exercise and food shopping.

3.  If you want to see someone always keep a two meter distance.

4.  If  you are going to work make sure you wear your safety gear.

5. If you want to go somewhere try and make shore your not using public transport.

All about “adopt me” in Roblox

Adopt me is an online computer game where you can play with your friends , make a family  and get houses and pets. If you get four of the same pet you can make that pet neon and make it your own but there is not just adopt me there are “obbys” were you can beat your friends and be a champion.

You can make cash in adopt me by looking after your pet and making sure its fed, happy and clean. You can get an egg and get a new pet from it and make it a full grown so you can make a neon.

But you have to be careful people could scam you for your pets so if they say Trust Trade say no it is a scam but you do normally get your pets back but be careful.

You can take your pet to the school the park and pool party, when your pets get sick you can take then to the hospital so they feel better you can also get food and go camping  and adopt a baby. You can dress up for the day.

But remember that roblox is a online game people can talk to you so stay safe.

how to stay safe

1. wash your hands 2 or more times a day for at least 20 seconds. not go outside unless your walking your dog, biking or shopping. not go near anyone or touch any walls or other things.
4.wear protective gear such as masks and rubber gloves.
5. if you do need to go to work try not to use public transport.