River swim


Finally, on the 24th of April I got to have a swim in the river near the church, kind of near were the otter was seen. I have been asking every time when we go on a walk to swim in a river, but the only thing that was different this time  was that… I got to swim in the river! But oh boy it was cold and my shoe came off in the river. Me, my younger brother Grayson, my mum and James my step dad all saw schools of fish as well it was amazing!

If you want to find where I swam,  it was in the first gravel bay  beside the river. There’s also  another place where I went for a swim, if you go to the goosy around the bridge is a good place to take a dip. Or you can go in the squelchy mud (don’t have shoes on just have bare foot) it’s very satisfying. 🙂

Our New Firepit

We had lots of fun this weekend outside in the sunshine using our new fire pit. it came with a BBQ rack, so me, Daddy and my brothers cooked some yummy food. We cooked juicy burgers, lamb kebabs and corn on the cob.

Later when it got cold Daddy helped us make a fire with the wood and coal and showed us how to light it safely. It kept us nice and warm.

i have some pictures but can’t add them 🙁

How to take care of your dog

You need to walk your dog 2 times for 30 minutes  in a day .  You are advised to clean your  dog  at minimum to once every three months . If your dog is good in health you should take them to the vet once every year for a checkup . Depending on the bread of dog you have to  groom every 6 to 8 weeks   you need to brush them every week . You need to feed your dog 2 times in a day morning an evening  and lots of fresh water  .

When you are going on a holiday were your dog can not go you need to consider where your dog is going. You need to consider if your breed of dog gets along with children and other breeds and animals .


My day in self-isolation!

I have been very busy with school work but when your finished you can get done something that you said you didn’t have time for like:


watching a new movie that you really want to watch,

playing a board game,


playing rugby or football,

sewing and you can exercise so basically anything that you didn’t have time for you can do it now while your at home, it is not like you need to go any where important.







I’ve  been doing stuff that i didn’t have time for, I have not got bored once. You can also fill in some albums or read a book!

Book Day, Siddur, Prayer Book, Jew, Jewish, Religion





Things that make me giggle

Today I will talk about what makes me giggle.

  1. Chatting with my besties, we couldn’t stop laughing and it was hilarious when Elena was pretending to be John Cena.
  2. Me and my Mum were doing funny videos and we couldn’t stop laughing.
  3. I made a game up called bed wars where me and my mum throw toys at each other.
  4. When I have my school breaks, I always jump on the sofa and it makes me laugh, especially when my join mum joins in.


What my day is in covid 19

I have been doing a lot more sport  because I feel like I have to get out for one time a day so now I’m  a lot more healthy  and  I used to be sitting at home because there was no urge to get out once a day. then I do my school work like today , I have done maths then English after that it is reading group. Now I’ve had lunch I am onto art and computing .  Soon after school is over I go in my pool for a swim with my siblings.  About an hour later I do my ball mastery which is football skills for 30 minuets to an hour. Then I play some online games with my friends, I then have a nice dinner with my family -It is usually really nice- I brush my teeth for 2 minutes,  read some of the book slime by David Walliams ( great book ) . I go to bed and wake up at 7:30 and this carry’s on with different subjects everyday of the week.

                                                                                                 THANK     YOU


Instructions to make a 3D rainbow

First,  you will  need a piece of card, strong tape, scissors, glue, cotton wool balls and your colours  for the rainbow.  It can be pen or paint.

Cut a strip of paper 30cm by 5cm .  Put even lines across the strip that are 1cm wide.  These will be your different rainbow colours.  Colour/paint each stripe a different colour.  Once dry, put a small fold at each end.

Draw and cut out 2 clouds.  Cut a short strip of card about 14cm x 3cm.

Stick the small card strip to the bottom of the 2 clouds joining them together.  Stick the rainbow to the top of the clouds by taping the small fold at each end .  The rainbow should arch over the 2 clouds.  Stick cotton wool balls onto the top of the cloud card, making the clouds fluffy.

If you want to add more, you could add a pot of gold to the end of the rainbow or add glitter to your clouds to make them magical or both.

How to look after your Rabbit

First of all, When you buy a rabbit you should take it to a veterinarian who will give your rabbit a injection so it dosn’t have thousends of babys because they have aprocsemitly 50 babys a year.

Fun fact

one of the main characteristics of these animals is that there teeth grow constantly if you don’t get then some thing to gnaw on and if you don’t and they nibble you then it will hurt alot.

you should brush there fur daily almost several times a week  or every day.

you should not give them a bath other wise they might die in shock and plus they can wash them self’s