All about Asia

Did you know that the biggest snake we found weighs 227 kg. Elephants are the biggest of all creatures. Male Elephants can weigh up to 3-5 tones. The biggest man made wall is the great wall of China. The biggest anaconda we have found weighs 550 pounds. Did you know that sloths live in the rain forests and they move so slowly that algae can grow on them?

How would you like it if algae grows on you?


In Asia there are a lot of wild animals including wild buffalo and red panda. The red panda is fun and energetic but the wild buffalo is the opposite it is slow and eats lots of grass.



Black And White, Adorable


A baby panda is loved by every one. It loves bamboo but when it gets older be careful  because they get big booties and long claws and they can get a little vicious.

Facts about amazing Asia

Did you know the biggest man made wall was made in China in Asia its name is the wall of China. It separates North China and South China. It was built to stop the South China warriors from attacking them  and to stop the north China warriors from attacking them.They built it years ago  .

Have ago at guessing how many years ago the wall of China was built?


FACT 1: snakes

The worlds biggest snake was found alive in Thailand and had a mouth bigger than a fence.                              The worlds biggest snake can also eat about three people in one gulp because of how big it is and its very deadly!

FACT 2:cute animals

A baby panda is one of the cutest animals in Asia and adores bamboo.But when they’re grown up you might not want to make them angry because they have big paws that can scratch!

Asian elephants are also very cute and love to play. They love squirting water out of there trunks at each other and playing chase. But Asian elephants are different to African elephants because they are more intelligent and have big round ears.

Would you like to cuddle a baby panda?    Or  would you like to own a baby panda?

Asia amazing facts about countries!

How many countries?

There are 48 countries in Asia and some of them are well known for different reasons. Like the tallest building called Burj Khalifu which is 2,715 tall! The richest country in Asia is Qatar and it is very colourful with lots of lights! The smallest country in in Asia is the Maldives! What is the longest snake in Asia?

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