Year 4 blog

The first day of the of the blog and it was one day until my birthday I opened most of my presents on the Saturday because my Dad was at work on my birthday I got risk, monopoly a tennis shoes bag , sweets and  a new tennis racket grip. We played Risk with my family and me and Ben played a ggame with Josh and Mathew we stayed up to 10’o clock but on are Birthday we stayed up to 9’o clock. It was so hard to go to sleep.

On are birthday we woke up and played a game and then we got treasure x and some money in some cards we did a skills lesson with are coach at tennis but it was on snap chat and we and we went to the park at Bedford but Ben was kelp fouling me so we went home and played some more of a game with are friends and we won a game.

All about “adopt me” in Roblox

Adopt me is an online computer game where you can play with your friends , make a family  and get houses and pets. If you get four of the same pet you can make that pet neon and make it your own but there is not just adopt me there are “obbys” were you can beat your friends and be a champion.

You can make cash in adopt me by looking after your pet and making sure its fed, happy and clean. You can get an egg and get a new pet from it and make it a full grown so you can make a neon.

But you have to be careful people could scam you for your pets so if they say Trust Trade say no it is a scam but you do normally get your pets back but be careful.

You can take your pet to the school the park and pool party, when your pets get sick you can take then to the hospital so they feel better you can also get food and go camping  and adopt a baby. You can dress up for the day.

But remember that roblox is a online game people can talk to you so stay safe.



For the last couple of days I have been working on my art skills. I’ve watched some videos on how to do them and now I can do the without a video.

I have enjoyed learning new skills and being creative.  I have also enjoyed going on bike rids with my brother, mum and dad.

my blog

First i woke up and i had a present hunt and we need to do exercises at each paper at the end of the treasure hunt we got a present from are tennis couch then we had breakfast we had then we opened some presents after that we went to the park and played football by that time the day was nearly over at dinner we had cod in batter i loved the cod in the batter Sam had steak i was so exited for my real birthday it took nearly half past 11 to get to sleep finally the day came it was so exiting.

I played a game with my friend we got a lot of victory in the game i wanted to play with my friends all night but my mum and dad didn’t let me. i know why my mum and dad didn’t let me stay up and play with my friends at a game so i went to bed 

The story of my guinea pig’s

1, My first pet is Charlotte  she is a Guinea Pig she is 2 years old we got her the first week of summer holidays  I always asked my mum if I could have a guinea pig but she said” I don’t have enough money sorry .” But then I said “I’m bored.” and my brother and mum looked at each other and said “Me and Elliott have been talking you might be able to get a pet .” Yayyyyyyy! ” I shouted “LETS GO!!!!!!” I bellowed “Ok ok .” so we got in the  car and went to Pet’s At Home we asked where are the guinea pig’s please  so she took us to the guinea pigs and she was 6 weeks old when we got her we got a pink enclosure and a carrier and that’s Charlotte  for ya.

2,Next we have Cannoli, she is also a guinea pig she is chubby and an adorable at the same time like wow ok any way  she is as white as snow even her eyes are winter  blue so we got her at the same time as charlotte  there birthday is on June 20th 2018  we get them the most treats we can and my brother knew she was the one she looked like she felt safe with him and he said this is the future Cannoli and I knew she felt safe with me because they were climbing around in our jackets and that’s Cannoli for you.

Over the weekend

Over the weekend i have been practising a front handspring and have always wanted to be able to do one so over the weekend i have been practising but i had no gymnastic mat so i had to improvise and use some other , thick soft mat .Since it was sunny I spent quite long doing it also i have been pacing with my sister but i am getting very close but i just cant land it i can make it all around and on my feet but not land it. Also I’m planting plant limbs golden carrot and beetroot so then we can make beetroot crumble also we are planting peas in a  pod I can’t wait to try them.I also helped out in the garden and fed the fish.

Bug hunting activities with my daughters

So this morning we decided to go on a bug hunt. We predicted which bugs we might find in our garden and then created a tally chart. Then we had lots of fun finding the critters – where do you think we found some of them?

Here are a few pictures of some of the ones we found.

Do you know what the first bug is called?

I wonder if anyone can beat 39 lady birds?  They were all out enjoying the sunshine this morning!

We then made a graph of the bugs we found:

And….had great fun doing caterpillar races!

Hope you have lots of fun if you go on a bug hunt too!

Y4 split pin animations

Year 4 had lots of fun making their Victorian Circus split pin animations!

They learnt how to use the program Zu3D, including how to take photos, how to record and import sounds, how to create a reversed clip and how to add titles, credits and speech bubbles.

Have a watch of some of their films and then write a comment to say what you thought about them…..

Isabelles hair style.

First you put your hair in a high pony tail  and then you rap your hair around the hair band that you used  for your high pony tail then secure with a hair band then wala it is a bun then you can add any accessories you want.


Have fun.