Asian Liger facts

Did you know that ligers are a male lion and a female tiger breed. There are less than 100 ligers left in the world .Ligers live for 15-20 years.

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Ligers are actually bigger than their parents

They weigh 705-1.200 pounds . but can they survive in the wild

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                                                                        animals in aSIA

There are lots of animals in Asia and here are a few.

Tiger,red panda,elephant,rhinoceros,orangantan,proboscis is a monkey. That is all I’m am going to show you. Now if your enjoying this here comes more fun.

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   ANIMALS IN ASIA        
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The longest river in Asia is Yangtze.                                                                             

And the most dangerous animal is a komodo Dragon. 

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Do you know how long Komodo dragons live for?






facts on Asia

4,000000000 people live in Asia, The longest river in Asia is called the Yangtze, lots of people bath in the Yangtze and wash in the water. It is the longest river in Asia and it is famous for its length. It starts at the Himalayas and travels down to jungles  then through a city. How long is it?

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It is the longest river in Asia.

all about Asia

Snow leopards are endangered in Asia and an elephant is the biggest animal in Asia.In Asia there are 4.4 billion. Mount Everest is on the border of Nepal and Tibet.In Asia an Indian rhino is dangerous.

How many seas are in Asia?Tokyo, Sunset, City, Sky, Landscape, Architecture