*Hindus pray to Braman .

*they ring a bell to awaken the god .

*they bow to the god and thank them for some thing.

*they sing.

*they take their shoes off

*they have different colour on their head.

Jude’s Asia fact’s

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There are 48 countries an in Asia 4.4 million people in Asia.The longest river in Asia is Yangtze.And the tallest mountain is Mount Everest.The most popular animal in Asia is a tiger/panda /snow leopard.The most popular food in Asia is chicken curry. The river Ganges  runs though the Himalayas

Panda, Giant Panda, Bamboo, China

jake’s asia facts

  • The tallest mountain in Asia is Mount Everest
  • The tallest building in Asia is Burj Khalifa
  • Did you know 2 toed sloths are larger than 3 toed sloths
  • The population of Asia is 4.463 billion
  • There are 48 countries in Asia

facts about Asia

The population in Asia is 1. China 1,433,738,686 2. India 1,366,417 ,754 3. Pakistan 216,56

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in Asia .

Mountain, Mount Everest, Himalaya, Peak

This is mount Everest and it is the tallest mountain in the world above sea level

Banana Slug, Slug, Rainforest, Yellow

the banana slug is the second biggest slug in the world

The banana slug is 9.8 inches long 25 centimeters long 115 grams.

facts about asia

There are more than 4.4 billion people that live in Asia.
There are 48 countries in Asia.
The largest country in the world is Russia.
The largest city in the world is Shanghai which is in China.
The smallest country in the world is the Maldives.
The biggest island in the world is Borneo.
The longest river in Asia is Yangtze.
The biggest mountain in the world is mount Everest.
The biggest lake in Asia is the Caspian sea.Caspian Sea, Chalus Beach, Dawn, Dusk

The driest place in Asia is the Gobi desert.

what do you think is the largest lake in the world???

This is the end of the facts i hope you learnt something???

Mount Everest, Himalayas, Nuptse, Lhotse


Cool kids facts about Asia !!

In the Himalayas there are 51 mountains. In Asia there is 32 festivals. Mount Everest is 8848 m tall and the biggest mountain  above sea level.The largest city is Shanghai. The smallest country is the Maldives. The biggest island is Borneo. The population is over 4.4 billion. The longest river is the Yangtze.

How many countries are in Asia?

Mountain, Dhaulagiri, Nepal, Himalaya, Trekking, Hiking

This is an image of the Himalayas








Thailand, Dance, Traditional, Thai, Asia

This is people in a FESTIVAL


Facts about Asia

  Did you know that dholes , elephans , gaurs , malayah tapirs , Asian giant hornets , Indian cobras , Indian rhinoceros , water buffalos , Indian brown bears and binturongs all live in Asia?