how to stay safe

1. wash your hands 2 or more times a day for at least 20 seconds. not go outside unless your walking your dog, biking or shopping. not go near anyone or touch any walls or other things.
4.wear protective gear such as masks and rubber gloves.
5. if you do need to go to work try not to use public transport.

What’s so special about today

Today is May Day it’s a roman festival.

At the festival the prettiest girl is crowned Queen of May and they do a pole dance.

In 1707 the act of  Union joined the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland formed to make the Kingdom of Great Britain.

May is national pet month celebrate pet owners.I wish I could get a puppy.  🙂

Tomorrow is free comic book day and  brother and sister day. I’ll have to be nice to my brother!!!    😐 On this day the first Mr Potato head came to shops for 99 american cents.


“If you are good life is good.”

From Matilda : Roald Dahl



What’s so special about the 30th April

Today is Captain Tom’s birthday.

He’s turning 100 years old.

He got a ton of things including: a Spitfire and a Hurricane flying past his house and 140,000 cards from people like the Queen and Boris Johnson.


He has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London.He did a hundred laps round his garden for charity.


 As well as the work that the teachers set me I’ve been learning about the history of football. The most intresting thing I learnt about it was it used to be banned because it was violent. I’ve been doing new skills like flicking the ball  into a basketball net (complete) and backwards (complete) and working on a around the world trick (did it once). I’m really missing playing with my team and just playing with my friends in the park.I’ve worn away half the grass in our  garden…



Yesterday, my Dad and I went camping in our lovely garden for a Cubs scouts world record attempt at the biggest camp in history.

The tent was easier to put up than I thought and kept us dry when there was a rain storm in the middle of the night.  I slept well in my comfy, warm sleeping bag with two extra blankets (one of which was my Grandpa’s old woollen blanket.)  My Dad woke up at 5:30am because of some early  birds.

Sunflower competition

Our neighbor next door, Kimberley,  gave us some sunflower seeds and she said “Would you like to do a competition to see who’s sunflower grows faster?” and mum said ” Yes, we will do it” so we took a small  flower pot and put some compost in, I added the seeds  and put another layer of compost. I have watered the seeds every morning for more than a week.

This morning I was surprised and happy to see a little plant growing.

I am going to water the plants every day in until they are growing bigger and they will flourish.

What’s so special about 29th April

In 1990 Wrecking crane began tearing down the Berlin wall.It separated east and west. The Berlin wall was something that separated houses.Even friends and family!You couldn’t contact anyone on the other side of the wall.It happened at Brandenburg gate.

Today Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds (his girlfriend)  had a new baby boy! I wonder what he will be called.

It’s Marvel superhero day today where we celebrate our favorite marvel superhero. Mine’s Wonder Women. Whats your’s?

It’s also world wish day where people make sick children’s wishes come true.

Amazing Anniversary:Prince William and Kate have their anniversary.


walks by the river at the reck

During lock down I have been going on long walks with my mum, my brother and my 2 year old sister. By the lake there are some willow trees and my brother and I swing on the trees while my sister feeds the ducks. There are some good climbing trees and my brother and I sometimes get to the top!On the other side of the River there is a little Island with lots of trees and bushes, when we walk a bit further on you sometimes see some geese but if you try to feed them watch out they don’t eat it all ! Sometimes we walk a bit further on across a little bridge and there used to be lots of dandelions but now they have changed into those little things that have the grey things that you can blow of, we have never got further then that because my sister usually is very tired. On the way home she sometimes has a tantrum and we sometimes have to carry her to the car I am missing school but work at home is really fun.Hope you enjoyed my blog.

My Weekend!!!

This weekend I have been at the yard and at the yard we do lots of fun things like; Riding our ponies, grooming our ponies, filling up water buckets (that isn’t much fun though) and hanging out with all the horses and ponies.

This weekend I have learned how to get my pony’s head down to hear chest and how to make her rounded when we are on a tight circle.  To do that you have to keep your leg tightly firm on the girth line and then as well whilst you are doing that you will need to squeeze your reigns as you go and that is how you get your pony/horse rounded and their head down when you need to.

As well I have done an art project my Granny has given me as well as one I have made up. The one my Granny set me was one where I have to create a picture of the beach or under the sea so we have used all different materials to create such things (my sister has doe one to).

How to look after your horse!!

If you have a horse and want to know how to look after it, listen fair and square!!

Feed:    If you have a horse you would be able to feed it twice a day as it will need to be fit and healthy for riding.  Most horses should be out in a field so they can get plenty of grass as well or if they don’t go in a field they would get given hay from their owner.

Turning Out:    If you are able to have a field you should put your horse out in it in the daytime or at night so they get fed by the grass as well.  Your horse should get given a stable during the time they are not going out in the field.

Exercise:     If your horse is able to be ridden you must ride it  at least once a week because it should keep fit and healthy every time you exercise it. If you are not able to ride your horse you must lead it around for some time so it gets some exercise.

Thanks for reading I hope you like it and will do as much as possible for horses as you can!!