The Effects on Indian Rivers by humans

Ganges are one of the biggest rivers in the world. Poor people most likely wash and drink in the river. Fisherman normally fish to find food and feed it to there family but it’s bad because 10,000 fish normally die. There are over 50 kind of amphibians and 100 different kinds of fish in the Ganges. In the Ganges river they are river dolphins in the Ganges river.

The effects on India Rives by humans

There are many rivers in the world, but the Ganges is one of the biggest ones. It is in India. The rivers carry minerals and nutrients to the soil. Indian people use this soil to grow food. Sometimes rivers can be used to have a bath or to drink from. Bad thing Humans do. The Humans are littering the Ganges the river.

Perfect Panda’s

Panda facts:

Just before we get started i want to tell you I love these cute little pandas. Are they as cute as you think though read on to find out.

  • If you think that panda’s are cute  and are not harmful then think again because from chewing on hard bamboo all the time they have a monstrous bite on them.
  • Adult male pandas can weigh up to 150kg ( which is 330lb )and female pandas can reach up to 136 to 227kg.
  • Pandas can generally make a growl bark or huff sound to talk
  • Do you still like these fluffy pandas ?

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Jaguars name comes from the word yaguar  which means  ‘he who  kills with one leap ‘. They can weigh up to 92kg. Unlike cats jaguars don’t avoid water . I think jaguars are in the top 20 cutest animals ever .  The rare  black  jaguar is what we refer to as the black panther.

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Did you know tigers will only attack humans if they can’t get food anywhere.  Also a lion is stronger than a tiger because it can attack a tiger. I like tigers because I think they are cute. Did you know tigers are one of the cats that like water.

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Rite Red Panda Facts

I love red pandas they are my favourite animal in the Rainforest.

Red pandas live in the Tropical Rainforest.

They spend most of their time in trees.

Red pandas live up to 14 years and in the wild they live for 7 to 8 years.

Red pandas like to swim .

They climb on trees and walk on the floor

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cute capybaras

Did you know capybaras can be found in various regions of South America and in Panama and they are herbivores and mostly eat reeds, grains, melons,  squash and grass and can weigh up to 60 to 174 pounds and  can grow up to 3.2 to 4.2 feet long and are friendly with people and can be greatCapibara, Rat, Animal, Zoo, Big, Brown, Bathing pets to have