Red pander

Red pandas live in tropical rainforests and they can live up to 14 years old. In the wild they can live up to 7 and 8 years old and they are so cute.  They eat bamboo, grass and even birds.

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baby pandas

Sloths learn how to eat by licking the lips of their mother. Sloths  spend lots of their time in a tree. They eat buds, new shoots, leaves, fruits and bugs. They are the slowest mammals. Some have 2 toes and some have 3.

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Red pandas live in tropical rain forests. Most of the time you’ll see them in trees.  They are endangered animals so that is one reason they stay in trees. Also they are herbivores so they eat leaves. Did you know they live up to 14 years old? Did you know they are awesome swimmers? They weigh 8-14 pounds

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cute cuddly pandas

My opinion is that pandas are extremely cute so I wanna cuddle one but I can’t because they are at the zoo. That’s the only place I can find them and at the zoo they are behind gates so I can’t. Did you know pandas can grow up to 2 meters tall cool right? Male pandas weight up to 150kg and females can go up to 136 to 227kg. They live in China rainforests!

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facts about monkeys

Rainforest monkeys have a large brain so that’s why monkeys are so clever .

Rainforest monkeys can run 35km in a day .

Rainforest monkeys can live for 21-27 years .

Rainforest monkeys are about32cm long .

Rainforest monkeys weigh 0.5-0.75kg .

I think Rainforest monkeys are really  silly and funny /hyper

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Go Leopards!

Mother leopards give birth at any time of the year.
Once they catch their dinner, they drag it up into a tree and eat away from other predators that are hungry.
How fast do you think they can climb?
Did you know that Leopards can run 58km/h fast?

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Leopards are one of my favourite animals.Amur, Amur Leopard, Amur Leopard Baby, Leopard Baby


Did you know that pandas live in rainforests and are an endangered species? Adults can weigh up to 150kg and females weigh 136 to 227kg.

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