Amazing rain forest facts

Our first stop is a tree with monkeys – did you know they are fluffy? So fluffy that it is fluffier than a sheep so so fluffy!

And next is a tiger it will eat anything it finds and bring it back to  its cub so its cubs have some food. I would not like to be a tiger you would get hungry very hungry and you would have to get very hungry to wait for your tiger mum to get some animals that you can have to eat.

And next is a how much it rains. It rains 20% of the time wow and  now is the final one the amount of rivers that  go through a rainforest. Did you know all the rivers that go through a rainforest are fairly big but some can be as small as 10 m so in the rain forest there is a lot of rivers. Have you learnt that today  and if  a thunder storm hits a tree the other trees will act like a net and catch it.Mokeys, Primates, Apes, Mammals, Food

5 Amazing facts about Birds and scorpions.

Here we go,  hello and here are 20 amazing facts about birds and scorpions:

  1. Scorpions are very dangerous but if you leave them alone they just mind their own business.
  2. Some of the biggest birds, like eagles can eat snakes.
  3. The smallest bird can perch on a pencil – I think that’s amazing!
  4. Scorpions, about 5-7 can kill a adult-WOW                                             Scorpion, Deadly, Black, Fear, Animal, Primitive
  5. Forests have the most species of birds.


I really like sloths so here are some facts about them. They eat bugs. They live in trees in the rain forest.

How long does it take for them to digest their food?Sloth, Two Toes Sloth, Rainforest, Jungle, Tropical



amazing monkeys!!

Monkeys are amazing how they can swing from trees. Did you know they eat meat and fruit. Guess how fast they are at swinging on trees? I love them because they are so cute.

Rainforests are  a miracle with all the animals in them. It is sad that a lot of the animals are dying because their habitats are geting chopped down.

Barbary Ape, Monkey, Mammal, Animals

How to concentrate in class

Do not distract the people behind you or they will distract you and you will get in trouble because you would not do any work because you will be too busy distracting them. Only talk to your partner if you need help or your teacher tells you to. If you find something hard do not get angry if you do you might loose some golden time.