Rain forest animals

I like tigers because they come in all different sizes and I love carnivores like snakes  and lions.

The difference with a lion and a tiger, is that the tiger is smaller than a lion, and the tiger has stripes


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Facts about flamingos

Flamingos get their colour from pigments.

Can thay fly?Emotions, Love, Heart, Affection, Feelings, Romance

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Did you know there are black flamingos?

They sleep by wrapping their head around their neck.

I like them because they are pretty.

I picked thIs anImal because they are calm.

Did you know you can get blue flamingos?


Some poisonous frogs are quite deadly  they could make you very ill!

Some frogs are nice and some are deadly!

I think frogs are nice because I like it when they make a REBET noise!

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amazing red pandas

Red pandas live in the tropical rainforest . I like red pandas because they are cute. They spend there time in trees. In a zoo red pandas live up to 14 years. Are red pandas omnivores? They eat bamboo.They are excellent swimmers. They can walk on the ground.

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Squirrel monkeys

Lives in the rain forest. They are clever as they have a large brain. They can run 35km and    live for 21-27 years. I Iove them so much it makes me want to touch the hair on their skin and on their head.

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Cute baby sloths

Sloths are herbivores. Baby sloths learn how to eat by licking the lips of their mum. Did you know that sloths spend most of their time in trees?

I think sloths are the best because they are so cute!

What are sloths favourite food? Sloth, Arboreal, Mammals, Baby, Nature, Animal, Fauna

Rain forest animals

Red pandas and squirrel monkeys are my absolute favourite animals in  the rain forest.                                                                                                                                  Red Panda, Little Panda, Bamboo, Mammal

A red panda can live for 14 years.

Squirrel monkeys are clever due to  their large brains. They can run 35 km and live for 21 – 27 years.


terrific tree frogs

The red eyed tree  frog is the most famous frog in the world for its bright colours. I love frogs because they stand out to me but the one that does the most is the red eyed tree frog.

Frog, Animal, Wildlife, Tree Frog, Red-Eyed Tree Frog


This is a picture of the famous red eyed tree frog.

Do you like frogs because if you do the facts below will make you happy.

Luckily they are not endangered because when they sleep they curl up into little balls.

They spend most of  their time on large tropical leaves. They are not poisonous, and rely on camouflage to protect themselves during the day.


.Jaguars are one of my favourite animals.  Jaguars and tigers live in the rainforest. Jaguars name comes from the word yaguar ‘ which means he who kills with one leap ‘. The jaguars are the third largest big cat in the world. They can be mistaken for leopards . They eat anything as they have such sharp teeth. They can live up to 23 years in captivity. Can they swim? The black panther isn’t  it’s real name it’s actualy called the black leopard.

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