Amazing Rain Forests!


Monkeys eat a mixture of  meat and fruit so that makes them omnivores. I think monkeys are the best. Do  you?

Barbary Ape, Macaque, Monkey, Animal


Baby sloths learn how to eat by licking the lips of their mother. Sloths are herbivores. Sloths spend most of their time in trees. Some have 2 toes some have 3 toes.


Panda’s live in the rain forests.  Adult males weigh up to 150kg and females weigh up to 136 to 227kg. They live in Rain forests in China.


They get there pinkness from pigments. Flamingo’s can actually fly. Did you know Flamigo’s  can actually come in black.

Asian rain forests contain roughly 200 tree species. The worlds largest rain forets

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