Amazing Asian Animals In the rainforest

This is a blog about all the amazing animals in the Asian rainforests and how they live in the rainforest! 

Did you know that flamingos get their colour from pigments? I like flamingos because they are quite majestic and gentle. WATCH OUT, scorpions are one of the most dangerous bugs in the rain forest so DONT get stung! Rain forests cover quite a lot of land especially the Amazon. Careful in the rain forest there is a big dangerous spider called a tarantula , did you know that tarantulas have their bone on the outside? Tarantulas are poisonous so don’t get too close. I like red pandas because they are like pandas but 200 times cuter and they are red that is where they got their name from. Do you know that red pandas eat bamboo? Did you know there is a type of monkey called squirrel monkeys, they are considered the most clever monkey due to having a LARGE brain compared to their tiny body.

And that is my animal blog post!

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