What happened to me on the weekend…

On Saturday, my LED Lights arrived, if you don’t know what they are, they are lights that you can make any colour you like on the controls and you can light up your room with them. Some controls are used for certain things like if you are on snapchat, most people use the colour yellow (idk why)or say you are watching a movie most people put on a dark red (I also still don’t know why). They are vey nice and I would recommend them to you since they are durable, have a 5 star rating, look nice and you can do so much with them! Like on my one, it has 44 buttons all making your room look nicer.

Year 5 dynasties links.

Here’s some websites with information to help find out about your dynasty. Remember – not all the links may be relevant for your group. Check them through first and don’t just copy and paste facts.





Happy researching!

Year 5 animations

Year 5 have been learning how to create their own drawn animations using Zu3DM. They have built upon the skills they learnt in Year 4, by learning how to use the selection and rubber tools, reversing and repeating clips and exporting their films.

They based their animation on Pandora’s box so had to include a ‘bad’ character and a ‘good’ character which would fly out of an opening and closing box.

Here are just a few of their films…

Bella and Lucia:


Holly and Charlotte:


Joe and Veikko

Katy and Emily:


Olivia and Jess:


Thomas, Jack and Owen:

Millie and Lara made a super test animation of a reindeer….