Year 5 dynasties links.

Here’s some websites with information to help find out about your dynasty. Remember – not all the links may be relevant for your group. Check them through first and don’t just copy and paste facts.

Happy researching!

Year 5 animations

Year 5 have been learning how to create their own drawn animations using Zu3DM. They have built upon the skills they learnt in Year 4, by learning how to use the selection and rubber tools, reversing and repeating clips and exporting their films.

They based their animation on Pandora’s box so had to include a ‘bad’ character and a ‘good’ character which would fly out of an opening and closing box.

Here are just a few of their films…

Bella and Lucia:


Holly and Charlotte:


Joe and Veikko

Katy and Emily:


Olivia and Jess:


Thomas, Jack and Owen:

Millie and Lara made a super test animation of a reindeer….



Ronan and Dylan’s code bug pro

 This is code bug you can program your very own machine you can also make music you can make shapes of your very own design,you even make a code bug blog post like I’m doing now.As you can see we have done a rugby ball because are topic was rugby. Your imagination runs wild with code bug you can make any tune with the music so don’t just stand there get coding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!