Soli and me!

My pony Soli is an 11 hand welsh section a which is his type of breed. He is a wonderfully kind pony and he loves children! At the weekend i jumped him and he was a very good boy!

He eats happy hoof and 16 + in his evening feed and he doesn’t have a morning feed because he doesn’t need it. In his stable he has a hay net and some times we give him some hay in the field so he doesn’t get too hungry.

Although having a pony is hard work it’s also very fun because you can have lessons booked or you can have lessons with the pony club if you’re a member like me! If you get the opportunity take the chance because it will be a great experience!


he looks very cute and cuddly in his little stable


camping with brownies


This Thursday (Thursday 30th April) brownies which is a club if you did not know tried to break a world record and well we did we broke the world record . 84000 joined in . The world record we broke was for how many people camping  so not sleeping in your own bed  . I made a den out of cardboard and a fire out of two paper bags for logs and card for a flame and tissue paper for some texture it was so much fun to do .I have a little challenge for you get change by the light of a torch and then try and camp somewhere that is not your bed you can sleep inside and outside . You can do it when you want where you want just keep safe and have fun bye .

this is my den and fire hope you like them⇑⇑

walks and 1 cat

I’ve been on quite a few walks during lockdown and I went the same route for each walk. All the

walks have been through a feild. here’s a picture

one day I was sitting on my bed next to my cat and it put its hand over its face like this.

Over the weekend I did

On the weekend I enjoyed the most was trying to sleep outside it failed (foxes barking really close). There was 4 of us me my brother my sister and another person in are household we enjoyed it and we said we will do it again some time soon and hopefully do it and sleep out there.It was only in the garden about 15 metres away from the house so we were safe.


There are different types of animals huge like the elephant and small just like a ant these animals are in the list of 41,415 Species endangered. 16,306 of the animals are threatened with extinction on the red list we people don’t have enough of a group to save them. Albino are Rare now, you rarely see one out there  the reason why is  Hunters, Hunters come and kill the animals which alerts other animals that there’s a hunter in the Land another signal to the animals are the birds if birds are screeching that means a hunter nearby.

star wars maker lab

A few days ago a got this Star Wars Maker Lab book ,a book of awesome Star Wars science projects.  You can make cool things like an erupting volcano or a droid that moves and you can grow crystals and other cool stuff

So far i have made  a gliding speeder ,which works by using a layer of air from the balloon down under the CD so it can glide just above the floor the is one was very difficult to attach the bottle lid to the CD. And a set of droid arms, which have strings attached to each finger so you can pull on the string and it will pull the cardboard fingers this project was probably the hardest one to make because i had to measure the string accurately and a Star Destroyer that can fly ,by an bottle filling with pressure so the cork will pop off and the ship will fly. For this one i have made the star Destroyer but i have not tested it yet.

I still want to make a droid that moves, by spinning a motor really fast on a scrubbing brush so it is a bit like a giant Hexbug , and a speeder bike paper plane, which instead of having wings, has paper tubes to create lift.and later today i mite  grow crystals.

I will blog at another update

have a look at my pictures befor you go

how to look after a cat.


To look after a cat  you need to feed them because i have two cats i would recommend feeding them  twice a day i give my cats halve a pouch of food each and some dry food. If you have a messy cat like me you might want to change there water everyday.

When you have a cat you need to have space for it to run around. Your probably thinking that cats don’t sleep  well they do so, you probably want to get them a bed  also you might want to get them a cat flap so at night  they can go to the toilet.

The best thing about having a cat is you can play with them and cuddle them. also you have to take them for walks.If your cats have been good you could give them a little dreamie for a treat. 

Puppy Care

                                                                                     Puppy Care                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

It is a big day for a new puppy when they leave their family.   You can help your puppy settle into your new home by making  your home safe for them to play. You need to be patient and  talk to your puppy in a gentle voice.

You will need to stay with your puppy for the first few days and let them explore their new home. Your puppy will whine and cry at night for a while but it is very important that you            leave them so they will learn to stop.

Puppies need to be given a balanced diet and need to be                                                                              groomed regularly to keep them healthy.  You need to                                                                            teach your puppy where he/she is allowed to go to the                                                                                     toilet and praise them.                                                                                 

Another important step of caring for a  puppy is to            register them at the vets. They will need injections at        8-12 weeks old, then again at 14-16 weeks old.                    Your puppy will  be protected one week after the                second vaccination.                                             

What you need to buy?               

Food and bowls             
Puppy Pen

Safety tips 

Unplug electronic items
Cover up ponds                                                                                                                                                                     Move house plants                                                                                                                                                               Lock garden gates

brownies camping

On Thursday me and my brownie pack are going  camping (at home) and are trying to hold a world record by the most people camping at once .I am going to make a den so I can  camp  but I am not going out side I’m building my den inside.  I am also going to decorate my den , I’m making smores too !  I have  started to build my den already . My challenge to you is to sleep some were different to your bed for at least one night , you can do it when ever !  I hope everyone is ok and  are staying safe at home. I love reading all of your blogs.

Weekend Fun

The weather was so nice so we spent a lot of time outside in our garden with all our animals.  We had picnics and played on our quads and bikes. We got new chickens so we have been looking after them and collecting there eggs every morning.  I spent a lot of time with my horse Bailey. I have been taking our dogs on really really long walks. They love it. I brushed him and washed him.  I rode him around our yard.  In the nighttime we done quizzes on zoom with my family in Ireland. it is so fun. I picked flowers for my mum too. we have lots of daffodils in our garden.  I had lots of water fights with my sisters too.  We also played family football.  Me and my mum won.