Pet adventure awaits, How do i look after my dog.

Dear blogger friends

What a beautiful day we have today

Dora’s a special dog, she is from the breed Yorkshire Terrier. She is lovable and is such a clever little dog.

O’ does she have speed in her little body. She is such an entertainment to our family in all areas, we love her so much.

Before we got her dad and mum told us all about looking after animals and what care they need. They always have a good talk to us about this because animals also need love just as much as humans do.

We had snakes, bearded dragons, birds and fish before, but we always get a talk about loving all animals in their own way before they come to our family.

Pet Dora: She’s a beautiful dog, but she needs a special diet, she is like a child in our house and I need to be a special guardian to her.

Here are some ways how to look after your dog.

– Always give your animals love, may it be a dog, rabbit, bird or fish.
– Never leave them alone, they also get very lonely.
– Be kind, they also have feelings.
– Play with them a lot, they just love playing
– Learn them basic tricks, to sit, roll over, they love it so much.
– Learn their basic care.
– Always go for a walk or run for exercise, and bath them afterwards.
– Clean their teeth and brush their hair everyday
– And always keep their bedding clean.

This my friends is just some basic rules on how to look after your dog. Cant wait to post my next blog on looking after your animals.

Danae Osner

Building a brilliant bird table by Kitty

During lock down me and my Dad built a bird table. Here is a picture of it.

We built it because we were bored, and we were enjoying the garden, and watching different birds. We had a bird feeder on a hook, so we decided to it would be nice to expand our idea.

We researched bird tables and houses, so we decided to build one. We chose our design and drew it out.

All the shops were closed so we couldn’t buy any  wood,  so instead we thought we would recycle some of our old wood. In the garage we found some scrap wood from my Dad’s old raft from the Olney raft race. In the garden we found some old fence panels that had fallen down.

How to make it

First get your wooden square sheet, this will be the base. Then get your wooden pole and cut it into 4 equal pieces. Drill them into each corner of your base. Next get your two triangle pieces of wood and drill them onto the wooden poles facing each other. Then put your slate/ wooden roof resting against the triangles. Nail them in.


Then to create your hooks, if you have none to hang bird food on, take an old spoon and bend into a hook shape at the handle, then drill a hole in the scoop part and attach to your bird house. Hang food.

Here is a link to some birds I would like to see on my bird table.

But so so far we’ve only photographed a wood pigeon. Haha.




Things to do when you’re bored at home.

hello !these are some things that I thought would help you out in lockdown / quarantine 🙂

  1. have a sleepover by yourself .
  2. learn a skill it can be whatever you want.
  3. play a board game with your family.
  4. paint something random in your house (not your walls though)
  5. look some easy recipes up and make one.
  6. attempt to make a fort.
  7. make a Bucket list of things you want to do after the virus.
  8. try different teas and drinks and experiment with them: put baking powder in fizzy drinks and see if it explodes .
  9. take your pet for a walk and if you don’t have one take yourself for one.
  10. challenge try and be vegan for a day.

con’s and pro’s to lock down


con number 1)being bored

con number 2)doing school work at home (i’d rather do it at school)

con number 3)not seeing your friends or family


pro number 1)doing what you want

pro number 2)having sleep in’s

pro number 3)spending time with your family at home

Walks with my dog.

During  lockdown I have been on lots of walks with my dog Jasper. My favourite walks are going round the Goosey fields. We have seen lots of wildlife whilst walking. We have seen an owl, lambs, herrings, rabbits, a fox, swans, geese and a hedgehog. My Sister and Mum even saw an otter once


There is lots of blossom and flowers at the moment. Me and my family have also been doing watercolour paintings from our photographs of our walks.


My cats

Cats are super intelligent and social. I know that because I have two myself, who are both Bengals (little troublemakers). My eldest is called Anna  and newcomer  Tibbles  and Anna isn’t happy. My first recommendation to a person with a new cat would be expect the cat to hide under furniture. Anna did that but Tibbles didn’t, he just strode in like he knew the place. I always want to know what there’re thinking in those little brains  but I haven’t got a clue. You might think a cat is easy to look after but with these cats it’s mad. When Anna got lost for the second time. She was never the same after that. It was weird for me ’cause she used to play all the time. Oh well! Though I hate this. She hates him in the house but loves like he’s her kitten when we walk Tibbles (long story *). This is astonishing that he eats tons of food a day but he’s half a year old. Did you know that a cat has 5 senses?  Their whiskers, hearing, eyesight, touch and smell. Just  gonna say that a Bengal is 2x more of a troublemaker than most cats and its probably true as well. Also these guys are super cute. Finally their personalities

Name: Shomili Ice Anna.   Shomili Emperor Tiberius
Age: She is 5 years old.  He is now 22 weeks old.

Length: She’s about 50cm or 75cm.  And he’s about 35cm or 50cm.

Likes: She likes being played with and getting all the attention. He likes anything moving or attractive to him like birds and dogs e.t.c.  He also likes Anna.

Dislikes:  Anna hates Tibbles and people getting a bit touchy like when you touch her chest or her tummy.  Tibbles doesn’t really hate anything but when I chase him he gets a little excited.

Known for: Being sassy and really beautiful. He’s known for being a great climber and being really naughty.

My bike ride at the weekend

On Saturday  I went on a bike ride with my mum, Dad and my brother Josh .  we went 13 miles and it was really hilly  the whole way.  We started in Emberton and went to Newton Blossomville, Turvey, Lavendon , Olney and then back home . I wish I took more water with me as it was very hot and we ran out. I would like a new bike for my birthday because my bike  has not got enough gears so it’s to easy for me. When I got back I went online with my friends.

A mouse in our utility room?!

This weekend I was going to put on my shoes when I went in our utility when I opened the door i saw a little mouse spinning around.  He looked so afraid and just ran away where we couldn’t get him. He ran under our shoe rack and into our garage (There was a little hole he went through). That night  I kept checking on him he seemed fine.

The next day came and I  was doing as usual. I went in to check on the mouse I  shone the bright light underneath all of the shelves when suddenly… I saw and heard something move in the recycling bag. Me a little nervous ran out of the room. Luckily my Dad helped me get the mouse  outside he looked really week but i put some nuts out for him.  I haven’t seen him since but I really hope he is OK.

Here are some pictures:

Me and my dog

I’ve had lot’s of time to spend with my dog I always go on long walks with her and my brothers birthday is tomorrow on the 29th of April so I’m getting him a present and a cake my brother is turning 15. Today I baked like sausage in pastry it was very fun and I learned how to make it and that is today.

Katie the cow

In our field we have some cows that belong to a man and a few weeks ago a new calf was born.  We realised that it was laying by itself away from the rest of the herd, that’s when we found out it was new-born.  We asked the farmer who owns the cows what it’s name was but he said it didn’t have one and that we could name it.  Me and my brother thought of a few names but none of them suited her. (We thought of Rosie, Moo-Moo and Lily.)  Later when we were nearly home I thought of the name Katie and we all agreed that it suited her.  So now we have a Lucy cow, a Curly cow, a Boris cow and a Katie cow.Calf, Brown, Small, Young Animal, Boy, Galloway