Curriculum Organisation and Topics

Topic Organisation

There are four topics for each yeargroup over the course of a year, which are organised as follows.

Year GroupTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3Topic 4
Year 3Yabba Dabba Do!H2 Woah!Scrapheap ChallengeI do like to be beside the Seaside
Year 4When in Rome Incredible IndustryAll the fun of the FairAmazing Asia
Year 5To Infinity and Beyond!EurekaDragon DynastyCircles of Life
Year 6May the Norse be with you!Tiempo de FiestaPeace in our Time?Survival of the Fittest

The following pages show how the new National Curriculum is applied at Olney Middle School, by subject and by Year group (NB for RE we follow the Milton Keynes Locally Agreed RE syllabus, see skills progression document below):

Curriculum Subject Pages