Science @ OMS

At Olney Middle School, we strive to provide an excellent science curriculum that develops curiosity and motivates resilient learners to understand the world around them. By working scientifically, the children will develop skills of observation, investigation and fair testing enabling them to make predictions, analyse results and explain their findings.

We believe that all children at Olney Middle School should have opportunities to develop scientific skill and become independent learners: acquiring knowledge through exciting and purposeful scientific enquiry, including critically evaluating evidence. Each year, the sequence of lessons will help to embed vital knowledge, with each lesson designed to build on previous learning.
It is our aim at OMS to design a curriculum that develops investigative skills using scientific method, which will allow opportunities to draw conclusions through observations, to generate questions, to create hypotheses and undertake experiments.

The children at Olney Middle School will acquire knowledge and conceptual understanding about the world around them; discovering, understanding and explaining the uses and developments of science, today and for the future. Children will then be expected to communicate these clearly through the use of scientific vocabulary.

Pupils will also develop a respect for the materials and tools they handle, understanding the importance of health and safety, especially when using equipment for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities. These STEM sessions will also emphasise the need for collaborate and communicative learning and will challenge the children to research, problem-solve and use critical thinking to broaden their scientific knowledge and skills to prepare them for later life.