Christmas Holidays – Close end of Friday 15th December 2017 – Re-open morning of Wednesday 3rd January 2018


Dear Parents/Carers

School will be open tomorrow – Tuesday 12th December 2017 – BUT please bear with us if things change dramatically, when we will update you further.

Please take lots of time for your journey, we would rather you arrived safely. Please stay on the cleared paths and enter by Door 1.

All children should wear warm, snow appropriate mufti (the house mufti will happen in January). If the children wear wellies, they should bring dry shoes and a carrier bag, please.

The Carol Concert will be rescheduled to Thursday at 2pm in the school hall with priority given to parents of Year 5 and the choir. More details to follow.

Many thanks for your patience

Best wishes


A very warm welcome to the Olney Middle School website.

My name is Glenn Young and it is my privilege to be the Headteacher of this excellent school.

We hope that as well as finding out information about our school, you will use this website to celebrate achievements and as a resource to further develop children’s learning.

I am always keen to impress how important it is that we continue to grow and develop this excellent school, never standing still and always looking to improve. It is always a pleasure to invite parents and visitors to our family school, and I look forward to this exciting time working together in partnership to achieve the best for all children.

The school ethos is one that every child through nurture, support and challenge will achieve their absolute best, both academically and socially. It is a fundamental part of our belief that children will not learn unless they feel safe and happy and we place as much emphasis on developing children’s emotional and social well-being as we do on their academic achievement.

At Olney Middle School we believe that positive behaviour in children stems from learning the core values. These core values are:

By looking beyond our school, we know we have a responsibility to society for our children to become valuable citizens in the future, being fully prepared for later life including the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in Secondary School.

Enthusiastic children, excellent staff, memorable learning experiences, fun, inspiring and exciting lesson opportunities and a rich curriculum all contribute to our happy school. The School is proud of all members of the Olney Middle School community and the fact that providing the best educational experience for the children is at the heart of everything we do.

However, to find out for yourself please ask members of the school community or make an appointment to visit.

I look forward to welcoming you into our school.