Geography @ OMS

The Olney Middle School Geography curriculum strives to inspire, within our children, a curiosity and fascination about the world around them.
Geography is, by its very nature, an explorative subject and we aim to provide experiences that enable our pupils to become ambitious and resilient learners through investigation and practical enquiry. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children are progressively equipped with knowledge about both human and physical aspects of geography, allowing them opportunities throughout the key stage to compare their locality (of Olney in relation to Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire) with others, as well as explore how different locations impact the way of life for the people who live there.
We aim to foster in our pupils the confidence to question and explore, drawing their own conclusions from their learning and then applying them to the world they live in today, including discussions about current geographical affairs. We hope this enables them to become global citizens that consider their impact on today’s world thus set an example for future generations.

Geography Master Award - Units of Study

Boxing Day Tsunami

Alaskan Earthquake

Icelandic Volcano

UK Geography